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Sacred Valley

Pisac (Mercado Ruins)

Pisac is located 33 km from Cusco by a paved road. There is an old town, an archaeological site considered among the most important of Cusco, and a modern town from colonial origins. Pisac also has a Sunday’s market which attracts thousands of visitors not only tourists but also from remote villages, dressed in their colorful traditional clothing.


This village is located 28km from Cusco on the road to Urubamba. In Chinchero there are the remains of what was the royal house of Tupac Inca Yupanqui, as well as a beautiful colonial temple built on Inca foundations.

Its main attraction, however, is its Sunday market, originally dedicated to the exchange of goods between residents from the valley and residents from the highlands.


Typical Inca town located 21 km from Urubamba (2800 m.a.s.l.). It was named in honor of the chief Ollanta, famous for his romance with an Inca princess, Pachacutec’s daughter. One of his best preserved areas lies north of the square Hanan Huacaypata: A total of 15 blocks of houses built on walls.